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Wyatt Earp Family Tree by Sharon Wick 
An extensive Family Tree of Wyatt Earp and his relatives.  

Sharon Wick's Family Album
(in process)

Copy of letter from Stewart N. Lake,
Author of Wyatt Earp - Frontier Marshall published in 1931 ( not to be published without permission of owner)

Earp Family Reunions

Interesting Earp Sites

Morgan Earp's Grave
Wyatt Earp's Grave
 James C. Earp's Grave
Adelia Earp
Virgil Earp's Grave
Nicholas Earp's Grave
Newton Earp's Grave

 Earp Graves in
Pekin, Ill - Lakeside Cem

  Findlay, Ill - Wrights Cem
 Findlay, Ill - Findlay Cem.

Famous Earp Graves:

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William Love and Sarah 
  (dau. of Milly Ann Earp)

Earp Census Records

NEW 5/18/2003

Graves in Pickaway Co., Ohio

- Photos & Books

Excellent Genealogy Sites
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Family Tree Maker

Gen Forum


Family Search - by 
Church of LDS



Ohio Genealogy Express

US Genealogy Express


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My name is Sharon Wick and Welcome to the
Exciting World of the Wyatt Earp Family

This Page UPDATED 3/17/2005
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Please contact me at: earpconnections@yahoo.com

This WEBSITE has been composed so that any of the Earp relatives can try to locate their link to our big family.

I have been doing genealogy research since 1981 and at times it has been a wonderful hobby. I have grown to adulthood thinking that I didn't have much in the way of relatives other than my immediate family and two grandparents. Through this hobby, I have found lots of other relatives and some wonderful tales of the Wild West.
Through this hobby, I have been having a great time corresponding with a lot of my new found family. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that there are so many of you.

I hope you enjoy our Earp Family website. And I say "OUR" because I truly hope that all of you "Earpy's" will join in and help us all get connected. Maybe we can all meet at the Earp Family Reunions someday as I am compiling a list of these reunions to add to this site.

At this point, I want to give credit where credit is due. I found a lot of information from the books listed below. The books that I am referring to are:  
First,  the
Earp Family Genealogy by Jean Whitten Edwards.  It is currently out of print but you can find just about everything in it on this website.  Without Ms. Edwards' book we wouldn't have come so far in compiling this family tree.  Ms. Edwards' book consists of close to 300 pages. 
Second,  the
Earp Genealogy by Wilmer Sanner
It is published by W. M. Sanner Company, Commerce & Water Streets, Baltimore, MD, USA.  I do not know if it is still in print.

I also want to thank so many of you that have contributed your family lines to this family tree.  I get so excited everytime someone contacts me to add more to our 'tree'.  Their names are mentioned throughout the family tree as I try to acknowledge everyone that offers a contribution to our family tree.

There are many more generations that are not shown on the internet due to the respect for the privacy of many of the families listed in the books.  If you are curious as to whether you are included in the 'private' records of this family tree, please feel free to write to me and I will search the records for you.

Feel free to check out my links (below) and have fun.

Thanks for stopping by.......

Sharon Wick
P.S.  I have too many 'irons in the fire' so please be patient
and I will update asap


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Note from Sharon Wick:
I just hate it that we have to pay for everything that we want to look at.  I realize the people do a lot of work searching and then typing all the information up.
So do I.  I spend a lot of time on my computer trying to make it easier for everyone to look up certain things.  Here are some links to things I have done for you for FREE!

Please click on my Free Searchable Databases below: 

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1860 Census - In process


Moultrie County Heritage - Moultrie County, Illinois Historical & Genealogical Society
-- Table of Contents to Several Older Volumes



Sullivan, Moultrie Co., Ill
- Historical & Genealogy Society  
- US Genealogy Express

~ Census Indexes ~

1850 United States Census - Moultrie County, Illinois
Transcribed from original census records

1860 Census Moultrie County, Illinois
  1142 dwellings

Started 09/08/01
Updated 1/7/2003 thru dwelling

1870 Census INDEX - Lovington & Part of Sullivan

1870 Census INDEX - Jonathan Creek Township

1880 Census INDEX - Moultrie County, Illinois - limited to Dora, Lovington and East Nelson Townshi

~Marriage Indexes~

Moultrie County, Illinois Marriage Index - 1843 - 1860

Moultrie County, Illinois Marriage Index - 1861 - 1874

Moultrie County, Illinois Marriage Index - 1875 - 1882 by GROOM        by BRIDE


Coles County Genealogy

Click Here

Click Here

~Census Indexes~

1850 United States Census Coles County, Illinois

Cemeteries of Coles Co., Illinois

~Marriage Indexes~

Early Marriages - Coles County, Illinois 1831 - 1846

Early Marriages - Coles County, Illinois - 1851 - 1870
    This contains names and years only

US Genealogy Express
Genealogy & History

Coles County Area
This is located at www.usgenealogyexpress.com

PLEASE NOTE:  Be sure to shut off the Music Player below before you Click on the link above here.

Coles County, Illinois
Gen Web Project


Shelby County, Illinois
at www.usgenealogyexpress.com/~il/shelby

FREE LOOKUPS in my Private Collection

Other Family Lines I am researching including:
, Miller, Shook, Grinnell/Grindle, Love/Lough, Murray, McPheron




Sullivan, Illinois #1

Sullivan, Illinois #2




The Illinois State Historical Library
Contains Lots of Information for
African Americans

Tennessee State Library
Tennessee History and Genealogy


At the request of The
Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
I have removed all information and links to their tables of contents and articles from this website.  Their 'out of print' articles are copyrighted.  Nowhere on their quarterlies did it mention that they were copyrighted and I didn't know.
Even though they can be reached at:

you will not know that they have an abundance of information not relating not only to the Detroit area but also to places all over the country.

In the meantime, I have read the copyright laws and it says they don't have to include a notice in their periodicals, however it suggests they do it for OUR benefit so WE don't get caught up in things like this.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



116th Illinois Infantry
My Great Great grandfather, Charles Grennel was in this Infantry.
Charles was also known as Charles Grinnell.
His marriage record to Milly Ann Earp was transcribed wrong as Charles Grinville.  If you look at the original record, the handwriting was hard to read.



Other War links of which the  Earp Family members participated will be added as I find the time.  :-)

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Sharon Wick

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Other Wyatt Earp Websites are listed below:

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
starring Hugh O'Brien

Wyatt Earp (Desert USA)

Monument Wild West Gallery
- some excellent pictures of Tombstone, AZ

Western Museum - Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp's Historical Homepage.

Wyatt Earp's Testimony RE: Gunfight at OK Corral 


Wyatt Earp's Letters to Bill Ha

NEW -Tombstone, Arizona Web Page


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Miscellaneous Earp Websites

Earp Bros. Tile & Bathrooms

Jonathan Earp Guitar

E-Commerce Studio

Player bio- Tony Earp -- Men's Soccer

A Court Record

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