Family Album
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~ Sharon Wick ~
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Milly Earp Charles Grinnell
Sarah Grindle William A. Love Samuel Grindle Elizabeth Bailey
Samuel Grindle Lulu May Grindle William W. Sellers
Alexander Montgomery Lucinda Miller
Isaac McPheron and Matilda Shook
William Montgomery Alice McPheron
Robert Montgomery & Madge May
Margie Elizabeth
Henry Becerra & Maria Hernandez
Paul Becerra
Aurora Becerra
Estella Becerra
Dad - Frank Becerra & Margie Elizabeth
Paul Becerra
Tim Becerra
Matthew Becerra
Tiffany Becerra
Todd Becerra Anna Marie
to be added later
to be added later
Teri Becerra
Michael Becerra
. to be added later
Sylvia Becerra Hunt
Gregory Jones
Robert Jones
Jeffrey Jones
Paula Hunt
  Ronnie Hunt
Sharon Becerra  James M. Coulton Loren D. Dunn James S. Clair Wick
Joan Coulton Fisher
Sean Fisher
James Fisher
Amanda Fisher
William Neyhard
  J. K. Coulton
Nicole Coulton
Michael Coulton
Eric Dunn & Amanda Batzel
Sydney Dunn


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